Moving Tips

Pack & Organise a storage

How to Pack & Organize a Storage Unit When Moving

Moving to a new home often involves temporarily renting a storage unit. But how do you efficiently pack and organize your items for storage? Follow the steps in this guide, and you’ll save time, effort, and money when it’s time…

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Prep Belongings for storage

How to Prep Your Belongings for Storage

Whether you’re storing items long-term or temporarily during a move, proper preparation is crucial to maintain your items’ condition over time. Use the information here to help you safeguard your belongings against damage or theft while in storage. Understanding the…

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Never pack for a move

Things You Should Never Pack for a Move

Are you moving soon? You may have countless tasks to manage and organize, but don’t put packing on the back burner. The sooner you begin sorting through your belongings and getting items packed away, the less stress you’ll have as…

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Big Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is an exciting yet daunting experience. From packing and loading to unpacking and arranging the new house, it’s easy to see how moving can quickly become overwhelming. As such, it’s crucial to learn about common mistakes people make when…

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Moving Heavy Things: Why You Should Leave Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

Moving can be a daunting task, in part because it involves so much heavy lifting. While DIY moving may seem more cost-effective, it can lead to injury, property damage, and wasted time. Here, you’ll learn tips to avoid injury on…

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Tips for Moving to a New City

Has life felt stagnant lately? Moving to a new city could be just the adventure you need. While this comes with new opportunities and experiences, relocating to an unfamiliar place can also be stressful and challenging. Use the following relocation…

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Where to donate used clothes and furniture in Chicago, IL

Where You Can Donate Used Clothes & Furniture in Chicago, IL

Tips for Making Your Move Easier from Midway Moving & Storage Moving can be challenging, but it also comes with new opportunities. The team at Midway Moving & Storage wants to help your move go smoothly. We’re here to provide…

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Do you need a car in Chicago, Illinois

Do You Need a Car in Chicago?

Tips for Moving to Chicago from Midway Moving & Storage  If you’re planning on moving to Chicago, IL, you likely have a lot of decisions to make. One crucial factor to consider is whether you need a car to live…

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How to tip your movers in Chicago, IL

How to Tip Your Movers in Chicago, IL

Mover Tipping Guide from Midway Moving & Storage  As Chicago, IL’s moving experts, our team at Midway Moving & Storage often receives questions about tipping movers. We strive to bring you the best packing tips for your local or long-distance…

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Moving with Frozen food in Chicago, IL

How to Move With Frozen Food?

Moving Tips from Midway Moving & Storage in Chicago, IL  If you’re moving, you might be wondering what to do with the food in your freezer. Midway Moving & Storage wants to give you the best packing tips, and we’ve…

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