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    Office Equipment Movers in Chicago, IL

    Chicago Business owners Trust Midway Moving & Storage

    Moving an entire office is much more difficult a task than it may seem. It involves much more than packing boxes and moving furniture. Midway Moving & Storage professionals have helped companies in Chicago, IL and beyond for more than 30 years pack up and transition to new spaces. We have the equipment, packing materials, and knowledge to help make your move go as smoothly as possible. When making these types of moves, it generally involves downtime for your business, and as the saying goes, “time is money.” Our dedicated office equipment movers get you and your team back in the office to start work as soon as possible.

    Another thing separating office equipment moves instead of home or condos moves is handling large furniture and cubicles. We have become very familiar with disassembling these bulky items safely and making it easier when reassembling. Cubicles, desks, shelving units, multi-function printers and faxes, and employee workstations are all commonplace in most offices, but we can also help with custom-built units. Give us a call as soon as you find out you need to move so we can work together and develop a personalized moving game plan. You will also receive an estimate based on your companies needs and wants with the moves.

    Chicago movers you can trust

    Reasons to Use Professional Office Equipment Movers

    With over 30 years of experience helping Chicago, IL businesses make their move, our safety and efficiency methods have been perfected. Our movers have trained in modern and traditional techniques to get you into your new office space quickly. Below are some of the other benefits we provide our customers:

    • 24/7 Availability: Communication is vital when orchestrating a large move, such as an entire office. There is much to be concerned with, and Midway Moving & Storage is there for you at every step. You can reach out to our team day or night, holidays, and weekends if you ever have questions about the process or your move’s progress. A capable representative will be able to get you answers when you need them the most.
    • Save Time: Try to break down your furniture, pack it up, and then reassemble after unloading can be a significant strain on your team. It can also cause your business to slow down and potentially cost you more money. Allowing our professional office equipment movers to help gets you back to work. We have seen it all regarding these types of moves and know exactly how to help. Focus on your team and your business, and let Midway Moving & Storage take care of the physical labor.
    • Professional Packing Equipment and Materials: We also have access to stellar moving trucks and professional-grade packing equipment. Our team has trained in utilizing them all to ensure a secure move for your office equipment. We also unpack and rebuild your furniture, so you come into a ready-to-go setting that just needs your personal touch.
    • Customized Strategies: Each company is unique in the way they run their office, but also how they furnish it. Midway Moving & Storage is prepared to help with all furniture and equipment you have and will transport it safely to your new location. We also work within your time frame and budget.

    How to Best Prepare for an Entire Office Move

    Most company moves are not an overnight decision. Start planning as soon as you know your office will be moving to ensure a smooth transition. Your first “move” should be to call on Midway Moving & Storage for our office equipment movers. We help you coordinate between the many people who need to be involved with this task. By staying in contact with you, your landlords, and others, we can avoid any pitfalls or troubles that may plague your team if you try to handle them yourself. Our moving consultants work with you to design the best and most efficient move plan. If this includes weekends and holidays, don’t stress because our team is available to you 24/7/365. Have your employees handle their personal belongings, but leave the rest to us. Thanks to our professional-grade packing materials, we can prepare and pack any office equipment or furniture you need moving.

    Long Distance Office Equipment Moving Services

    You can also count on the Midway Moving & Storage team when your office moves across state lines or internationally. Each of our movers come with all the appropriate certifications, licensing, passports, and more to get your office set up wherever on the planet. We provide you and your company with all of the same great benefits as if you were moving locally.

    Rely on Midway Moving & Storage to Move Your Office

    Our well-trained and -qualified team of professional office equipment movers are at the ready whenever you need us to begin the packing process. Count on us to safeguard you and your furniture when relocating to a new office locally or internationally. By calling Midway Moving & Storage today, we can set up your free consultation to go over all your company’s needs and wants.

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