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Everyone wants to have a smooth, hassle-free move, but creating that type of moving experience takes preparation.

Unfortunately, people don’t always know where to start when it comes to making plans and preparations before a relocation to, from, or around Chicago, IL. Moving planning just becomes another stressful element in a stressful situation.

That’s where a professional moving consultant comes in handy. Trained to provide expert advice and assistance from the planning and packing stage to the moving and unpacking stage, a moving consultant can help smooth any transition.

Looking to hire a Chicago moving consultant who has the knowledge and experience you need for a successful relocation? Come to Midway Moving and Storage. We understand the stress and confusion of a big move, and we’ll use our nearly 40 years of experience to help you prepare. Our friendly professionals will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. We’ve helped thousands of customers from different walks of life, so you can feel confident that we’ll do the same for you.

Get Answers to Your Questions

When it comes to a successful move, first you need to ask the right questions. Come to us for answers to the following questions and more:

  • How do you hire a moving company?
  • How much will your move cost?
  • When should you begin packing?
  • What is the best way to pack?
  • What can’t go in the moving truck?
  • When is the best time to move?
  • What should I do if my move date changes?
  • How do I change my address?
  • What should I know about insurance coverage?
  • How do I prepare my home for moving day?
  • When will my belongings arrive at my new home?
  • What happens if my belongings are delayed?

Our professional staff can help you plan every detail of the moving process. We also help you plan for emergencies and other contingencies. No matter where you move in the world, our staff ensures that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Free Consultations

Still feeling unsure about your move? We provide free consultations so you’ll know exactly what to expect before you hire us.

Learn more by visiting us at our location in Chicago, IL. Planning your move will seem easier than ever with our help. Call us at 800-300-0002 to schedule a free consultation.

Find the Answers You’re Looking for When Moving in Chicago, IL Here at Midway Moving

Should I hire professional movers?

Moving yourself can save money, but it takes much longer. You have to pack your belongings, find vehicles to move with, load, and finally unload everything-And you’ll probably also have to ask for help, either from friends or family, which can add to the stress.

Professional moving companies relieve the burden of relocating. If you decide to use our Chicago movers, you will free yourself of the extra time and intense physical effort of the move. Professional movers do cost more, but they also provide many services that are worth the expense, particularly if you have large or heavy furniture or if your move requires going down stairs. The cost of hiring professional movers is probably less expensive than replacing damaged furniture or repairing scratches or dents in your walls.

If convenience is your main objective, you can hire a moving company to pack, move, and unpack everything for you. If your goal is to keep costs down, simply have the movers transport your pre-packed boxes. Once you work out the details of your move (i.e., distance, how many items or boxes, the weight of items, transportation costs) you can evaluate cost versus convenience in order to make the best decision.

Do you have a moving timeline to help me plan?

1-2 Months Before Moving Day

  • Schedule to disconnect the following services and schedule connection at your new address:
    • Phone
    • Internet
    • Cable
    • Water
    • Garbage
    • Gas
    • Electric
  • Make arrangements for pets on moving day
  • Plan how you move valuables, cars, pets, etc.
  • Go through items and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell
  • Choose and book a mover (inquire about storage if needed)
  • Decide packing options (mover packs or you pack) and get materials:
    • Boxes
    • Tape
    • Packing Paper
    • Markers
    • Bubble Wrap
  • Start using up food that you have

3-4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Begin packing non-essential items, labeling boxes by room and contents
  • Go online or to the post office and fill out a Change of Address form
  • Notify insurance and credit card companies of your address change
  • Request time off for moving day
  • Make arrangements for your children
  • Cancel all automatic payments tied to your old address:
    • Pest Control
    • Cleaning Service
    • Landscaping Service
    • Gym memberships

The Week of Your Move

  • Pack everything that you won’t need in your day to day life
  • Pack and label all items that you will need as soon as you move in (TV remotes, batteries, baggies, tape, scissors, etc.)
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Pack valuables and other items you want to move yourself
  • Take any final pictures you may want of your home

Do you have any moving tips?

  • Label all boxes with the room and contents on the top of the box so the movers can easily see it while they are carrying the boxes
  • Pack a bag for you and/or your family as if you are going on vacation for a week so you can easily find everything you need while you are unpacking
  • Label all remotes and put them in a baggy
  • If you are taking anything apart, put all the pieces in a baggy and tape it to the item
  • Grab ice or ice packs the day before your move so you can pack your refrigerated items in a cooler
  • Keep one box full of cleaning supplies, paper towels, and garbage bags so you can clean after everything is moved out and as soon as you get into your new place, or hire a cleaning (carpet cleaning) service for your new (or both) houses
  • Contact your garbage company to schedule an extra pick up if available

What can I expect from Midway?

  • Experience – We’ve been serving all of Chicago, all of Illinois, and 48 states for nearly 40 years, handling moves of all sizes—from dorm rooms to mansions. We know how to pack, transport, and store your most valued possessions, from local to long distance moves. Whether you’re moving down the street or down the interstate, our team of experienced professionals will help you relocate.
  • Expertise – All of Midway’s movers are trained, certified, and insured moving professionals. We never send day laborers, subcontractors, or college kids to handle your move.
  • Training – Each of our movers has graduated from Midway’s Mover Training Center, where they learn best practices for protecting both furniture and walls during a move, strategies for moving large and/or awkward pieces, proper handling of high-value possessions such as electronics and art, and item-specific packing techniques, as well as customer service.
  • Reliability – While some moving companies low-ball quotes and surprise clients with extra charges, we provide accurate estimates up front, and we stand by them. Our service is honest and reliable at a competitive price.
  • Reputation – We move high-profile clients every day, including the Chicago and Cook County Housing Authorities, Chicago Board of Elections, and the Chicago Public Schools.

How far in advance should I book my move?

Typically, a move is booked 2 weeks in advance; however, Midway Moving can accommodate any timeframe, including same-day bookings.

When do you process the payment for my move?

For local moves, no deposit is required, and you pay the day of your move.

For long distance moves—50% of your balance is due at the time of booking, and the remaining balance is due on the day of the move.

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