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    Mobile Storage Services in Chicago, IL

    You’re moving into a smaller home for the summer, and you need to store some of your belongings while you’re away. You don’t have a large truck, nor do you want to take time out of your moving schedule to drive your belongings to a storage facility.

    At Midway Moving & Storage, we want to make your moving and storage process more convenient. For that reason, we offer mobile storage services in Chicago, IL—a helpful and affordable alternative to traditional storage.

    How Mobile Storage Works

    Mobile moving units offer an easy and cost-effective solution for storing possessions. With mobile storage, you don’t need to rent a moving truck or drive to our storage facility. You just have to pack your mobile storage unit, and we’ll do the rest. Here’s how it works:

    1. We deliver an 8-foot by 8-foot storage unit to your home.
    2. You can choose to have our professionals load your unit, or you can choose to load the portable containers yourself.
    3. When the unit is packed, we pick it up and take it to our storage facility.
    4. When you have room for your stored belongings again, let us know, and we can deliver your unit to your home.

    At Midway Moving and Storage, we take protection seriously. We’ll keep your stored belongings safe for as long (or short) as you need in our monitored facility. We don’t allow public access, so your possessions are not at risk for theft. Our clean, temperature-controlled facility will protect them from damage as well.

    Benefits of Mobile Storage

    Our mobile storage services in Chicago, IL are convenient, simple, and affordable. Just consider these benefits of mobile storage:

    • Mobile moving units are less expensive and safer than many self-storage options.
    • Portable storage is convenient; you don’t have to rent a truck or pay for the gas to deliver your own goods.
    • It’s flexible; you choose when you want your goods to be loaded or unloaded onto the mobile moving units.
    • It’s predictable; you know exactly how much storage space you need before your goods even reach the facility.

    When you choose mobile storage services at our Chicago, IL facility, you can trust that your belongings will stay safe and secure until you need them again.

    Call us at 866-693-4148 to schedule mobile storage services with Midway Moving and Storage.

    Request a Custom Quote

    or call 800-300-0002 today!


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