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Mobile Storage Units in Chicago, IL

We Offer Mobile Storage Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Moving is usually a hassle, but it does not have to be. Midway Moving & Storage offers mobile storage units in Chicago, IL so that you can pack your belongings at your own pace. We are not your typical moving company. Our team has provided an array of moving solutions for customers throughout the Windy City for more than three decades. We recognize every relocation is unique. We also know you may only need temporary storage for your belongings while you are renovating a home. For instances when you cannot move all of your possessions at once, we offer mobile storage units. Call us today to learn more about the mobile storage process, its benefits, and why you should choose Midway Moving & Storage.

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Understanding the Mobile Storage Process

Mobile moving units are convenient, cost-effective storage solutions. They eliminate the need for expensive moving trucks that you must return on a tight schedule and multiple trips to and from a storage facility. Mobile storage containers allow you to pack your possessions on your own time while our team handles the rest. We make the process as simple as possible:

  • Our professionals will deliver an 8’x8’ storage unit to your home or office.
  • We have team members who can expertly load your mobile storage container, or you can choose to do so yourself.
  • Once the unit is loaded, we will retrieve it and take it to our storage facility.
  • When you are ready to access and unload your belongings, we will bring the container back to you.

Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers

Midway Moving & Storage’s mobile storage services are convenient and affordable. We know you have plenty of tasks on your checklist when you are relocating, renovating, or clearing space, so we want to make your storage experience as simple as possible. Benefits of using mobile storage containers include:

  • Cost – Our mobile moving units are less expensive than many self-storage options.
  • Convenience – You never have to worry about the logistics of renting a truck for your moving or storage needs. We will bring your container to you.
  • Flexibility – Operate on your schedule. With mobile storage units, you can choose when you want to load and unload your belongings.
  • Predictability – Knowing the size of our containers can help you plan your spacing needs.

Why You Should Choose Midway Moving & Storage

Since 1987, Midway Moving & Storage has built a reputation for being an industry leader. Our friendly team provides exceptional customer service and reliable solutions for all of your moving and storage needs. Each of our moving professionals is trained, certified, and insured to instill confidence that we will offer you the best possible service. Whether you need a short-term mobile storage unit or a comprehensive moving solution, we will provide it at an affordable rate so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Common Uses for Mobile Storage Units

Self-storage units were originally designed as tools to help homeowners move their possessions more easily than they could using traditional vans and moving trucks. But over time, Midway Moving & Storage has helped customers in Chicago identify various other ways to use these containers. Among the most common uses for mobile storage units are:

  • Additional Home Storage – Declutter your home by storing rarely-used items in a mobile container rather than packing your attic, garage, or closets.
  • Home Renovations – If you need short-term storage while you renovate your home, a mobile unit is ideal.
  • Business Storage – Business owners often opt for mobile storage containers rather than filling precious retail or office space with bulky items.
  • Summer Storage – College students who do not want to bring all of their things home for the summer use mobile storage units on a short-term basis until the following semester.
  • On-Site Storage – Landscaping and construction companies often use mobile storage units to house their equipment on job sites.

Mobile Storage Units Offer Peace of Mind

Safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. Regardless of how long you store your possessions at Midway Moving & Storage, you can rest assured knowing they are protected in our monitored facility at all times. We do not allow public access to our building, so your belongings are never at risk of theft. Furthermore, you can be sure your things are safe from environmental damage because our storage units are climate-controlled.

Contact Midway Moving & Storage for Mobile Units Today

If you are relocating, renovating, or out of space in your home or office, a mobile storage container may be precisely what you need to keep your belongings safe and secure. Midway Moving & Storage provides convenient, affordable storage units to customers throughout Chicago, IL and the surrounding area. We will bring them to you when you are ready and retrieve them once they are loaded so that we can house them in our climate-controlled facility until you need them again. Contact us today for a fair and accurate quote.


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