Movers’ Guide to Living in Avondale / Logan Square

Moving to Avondale or Logan Square

Two neighborhoods next to each other, on the northwest side of Chicago, Avondale and Logan Square are up-and-coming communities with a lot to offer. They’re two of the coolest neighborhoods in the Chicago area, both diverse and eclectic, and each has a wealth of eateries, local pubs, shopping, and much more. They’re also friendly and close-knit, with great places to walk and plenty to do. Which neighborhood is for you? Read on for a guide to living in Avondale or Logan Square.

Is Avondale Chicago a good place to live?

Avondale is a vibrant neighborhood, with a diverse community with an urban vibe and a close-knit character. Established in the late 19th century, Avondale was settled largely by Polish immigrants and quickly became a center for Polish culture and community life. After the railroad was constructed, Avondale became more industrial, and in the mid-20th century, the neighbors became more diverse, as an influx of new immigrants led to the establishment of Mexican and Puerto Rican communities within the neighborhood. Today, Avondale’s heritage is one of the things that makes it so unique and gives it such a welcoming sense of community. The diversity of the neighborhood is reflected in its restaurant scene, which offers a variety of cuisines, from Mexican to Polish to fusion and much more. Housing is more affordable in Avondale than in much of Chicago, and the neighborhood is extremely walkable and bikeable, and also offers convenient public transportation options.

Why is Logan Square so popular?

Just south of Avondale is the thriving, multi-cultural community of Logan Square. Established in the 1830s, Logan Square experienced rapid growth after the Chicago fire of 1871 because the area lay outside the fire limits, and continued to boom through World War I, before experiencing a decline in the 1930s. In the 1960s, though, a resurgence began, and today,  Logan Square has a vital ethnic and economic diversity that makes it unique and exciting. Arts organizations, intimate music venues, trendy cocktail bars, and locally owned shop provide the neighborhood with creative energy and an urban vibe that’s very cool. Whether you’re strolling down Logan Boulevard, shopping the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, taking in a movie at the historic Logan Theatre, or enjoying some of the buzz-worthy eateries in the neighborhood’s diverse dining scene, you’re sure to enjoy Logan Square. It’s a great place to visit, but is Logan Square a good area to live? Absolutely! A walker’s paradise, it has a small-town feel with an exciting urban atmosphere and plenty to do. Artsy, dog-friendly, and welcoming, Logan Square has beautiful green spaces and easy access to public transportation.

Moving to Avondale/Logan Square

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Premier Movers for Avondale and Logan Square

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