The Top Five Things Most People Forget When Moving

How many times have you walked into a room and realized you had no idea what you wanted to do in there?  Now imagine you are trying to make a long-distance move or even a simpler residential move across Chicago, and you are trying to remember the hundreds of details involved.

Whether it’s your first move or you’ve moved dozens of times, moving can be a whirlwind of tasks and minutia, and it’s almost impossible not to forget things. Planning is the key to a successful move, as is hiring a professional mover to keep your list of things to remember small and simple.

People Forget When Moving

To help you remember what not to forget, here’s a list of the top five things most people forget when moving:

  1. Hidden Items – From the spare key you gave to neighbors, to money you tucked under the loose floorboard in the guest room, to the jewelry hidden in the air vent, it’s time to go on that scavenger hunt to collect it all. There’s nothing worse than remembering you left it behind after you have moved out and the new owners have moved in.
  2. Important Documents – It might sound hard to believe but, in the midst of a move, many people often forget to collect some of their important papers like their medical records. Other important items include children’s school records, legal documents, and personal papers. Don’t forget to empty your safety deposit box of these items if you are changing banks and/or moving out of your current area. Once you have collected them all, put them in a file and keep it with you at all times.
  3. Scattered Around Town – You’ll be surprised to know how much stuff you have around the neighborhood, like a library book you need to return, clothing at the dry cleaners, and items like shoes left at a repair shop. Take time a few weeks before the move to collect them all and, while you are out, stop at the post office and put in for a change of address so your mail can make its way to you in your new home. Don’t forget to collect all the things you have lent to family and friends.
  4. Garage Door Opener – For those lucky enough to have a garage, the opener is almost always something people forget to leave behind. It’s always in the car, so make a note to take it out and leave it on the counter.
  5. Your Moving Company – Moving can be a very fluid situation so, if your dates change or your closing gets rescheduled, you need to let your moving company know. It’s an all too easy detail to overlook that can cause real issues, so keep them in the loop for any changes.

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At Midway Moving & Storage, we help over 16,000 people move annually, so we do our best to make sure your move goes as smooth as possible and nothing gets forgotten.  Call us today at 800-300-002 to discuss you moving needs.