Three Tips to Improve Your House in the New Year

The New Year is a great time to reflect on your personal life and set resolutions you want to accomplish the coming year. This is also a good time to examine your current home and create goals you want to accomplish. To help you get started thinking about what resolutions you would like to make for your home, here are some great tips provided by our professional and experienced Chicago movers.

Tip #1: Declutter

view of a messy room

Before you can start to organize your home, you will need to get rid of excess clutter. Over the year, we accumulate a lot of stuff. On top of this newly acquired stuff, we have stuff we have crammed into closets, totes, and other areas from previous years.

Eventually, our stuff can grow to the point we are now storing it in various rooms in our homes. This not only reduces the amount of living space we have but also detracts from the appearance of the rooms.

It can be overwhelming if you have a lot of stuff and try to declutter the entire home all at once. Instead, focus on a single room and do one room at a time. As you are going through stuff, pick an area you can use for staging, like the dining room.

Sort your stuff into three categories:

  1. Things you want to keep.
  2. Things you can sell or donate.
  3. Things that can be thrown away or recycled.

As you are sorting through your belongings, consider how often you use the items. If you only use them occasionally or seasonally, why not consider renting a storage unit? You won’t have to worry about boxes stacked up in closets or in other areas of the home. With these items in storage, your home will feel less cluttered.

Tip #2: Deep Clean Your Home

Family cleaning house

You don’t have to wait until spring to start spring cleaning. Give every room in your home a detailed cleaning after decluttering. Not only will the room look much better, but it will make managing cleaning tasks easier to accomplish. Remember to clean the baseboards, windows, shutters, and blinds, too!

Tip #3: Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

To help ensure cleaning tasks get done each week, make a schedule. You don’t have to clean your entire home in one day or an entire weekend. Instead, break up tasks and do a little bit each day throughout the week. Don’t forget to enlist the help of everyone in the home by assigned age-appropriate chores. Plus, housekeeping chores are a great way to get some exercise every single day!

Identifying what matters most in regard to your home and taking the steps to achieve your objectives can go hand in hand with your other New Year’s resolutions. To learn more about our moving and storage packages, where we pick up your items and put them into storage for you, please feel free to contact Midway Moving & Storage, the proud mover of the Chicago Cubs, at (866) 693-4148 today!