Ten Signs You Have Outgrown Your Apartment

Is Your Apartment Feeling a Bit Tight?

When you first moved into your current apartment, did you love it? Maybe it felt spacious and airy, or it might have felt cozy and cute, but even if it was small, you found it charming, right? Has the shine rubbed off since then? Are you outgrowing your current rental? After a time, as you accumulate more things or expand your family, your apartment will inevitably cease to meet your needs. How do you know when to upgrade from an apartment that once seemed perfect for you? Here are some signs it’s time to move.

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  1. You Have Too Much Stuff

If you find that you’re storing things elsewhere because of your apartment space limitations, it may be time to move. The same holds true if you are packing things in totes and cramming them anywhere you can find an empty space. Do yourself a favor, though: get rid of some of that stuff before you move. If you don’t declutter, the new place is likely to end up the same way.



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  1. Your Family has Grown

One of the most significant moving to a larger space indicators is that there’s not enough room for your entire family. If your kids are tired of sharing a room and you’re all tired of waiting in line for the bathroom, it may be time to relocate. Having a space of one’s own is a completely reasonable request, so look for a place with room for everyone and space to grow.

  1. You Have No Room to Entertain

If It gets too crowded when you entertain your friends, and even hanging out with your family feels like you’re crammed onto a crowded bus, it may be time to move. It’s no fun to live somewhere that the furniture can’t comfortably hold everyone and you have to throw parties at a different location if you don’t want a line for the bathroom.

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  1. There’s No Space for Overnight Guests

If you find yourself making excuses when your family wants to visit, and you’re not just doing it because you don’t want them to stay with you, look for a bigger place. You should be able to invite your friends and relatives to spend some time exploring Chicago, with your place as home base, without making them sleep on the floor.

  1. Your Apartment No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

Maybe when you moved in you were young and single, and now you’re married with kids. On the other hand, maybe you moved in at a time when you wanted to be in the midst of a lot of activity, and now you want something quieter. It could be that you need a place more sophisticated and better for hosting friends and business associates. No matter the reason, if the apartment no longer fits, trade it in for a new one.

Signs of Outgrown Apartment in Chicago

  1. You No Longer Find the Space Charming

The longer you live in an apartment, the more your perspective on it will change. If the quirks you used to love seem annoying and you no longer like the floorplan, it’s probably time to start packing.

  1. Your Kids Are Getting Big

As your kids grow, you’re likely to need more room. While little kids have more toys and clutter, they’re going to want more personal space as they grow.

  1. The Neighborhood Isn’t Where You Want to Be

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It could be that the neighborhood has gone downhill, or it could just be that you’ve outgrown it. Maybe it’s too noisy now, or maybe it’s too quiet. Whatever the reason, if it’s not your happy place, find the place that is.

  1. The Maintenance is Becoming a Problem

Does your landlord neglect repairs? Do you find you have no time for DIY projects? Before the place falls down around your ears, consider a new location.

  1. You’re Daydreaming About Other Apartments

Does every for rent sign send you into a fantasy? Do you drive through new neighborhoods and wonder what it would be like to live there? You may be ready to move.
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