How to Begin Moving with Kids in Chicago

The prospect of moving with children can be hard for them because there will be major changes to their lives. They may be moving away from their friends or have to start a new school. These changes can create added stress for kids and parents alike. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help make the move much easier and less stressful for everyone.

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Moving can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Your children may be feeling anxious or worried about taking such a significant new step in their lives, but there are ways to help. We’ve provided you with seven fantastic tips for moving to ease the transition for your child and help them look forward to your new home. 

Moving with Children

Tip #1: Hire Movers to Make It Easier on Your Kids

Every family who’s ever moved knows how exhausting and emotionally draining the process is. Letting go of an old home is difficult enough for many adults, and it can be challenging for most children, especially if you’re moving away from the only home they’ve ever known. 

You’re already responsible for explaining where and why you are moving to your child, which can produce added stress. That’s why you should hire to make things easier on your children and yourself by hiring movers. 

Hiring movers streamlines the process and eliminates worry and hassle. You’ll be able to focus more of your attention on your children’s needs–as well as yours– as you make the transition to your new home. 

Getting help from a professional mover makes moving to your new home much easier. You can give your kids the attention they need. You do not have to worry about trying to keep them busy while you load or unload the moving truck. Plus, you can even get help with professional packing and unpacking services.

Moving Tip #2: Make A “Family Fun” Moving Checklist 

A primary worry your children may have about moving is leaving everyday fun activities and customs behind. 

Is there a specific room or area where your family has the most fun? Is there a particular place that your children want to remember for the rest of their lives? If so, take pictures of those spaces and make a scrapbook of them. Make sure you get to spend plenty of time in those spaces before moving commences. 

Doing every fun thing you want to do within your home before you move, and enjoying your home as much as you can, will bring comfort and ease to you and your children. 

Tip #3: Let Your Kids Participate in the Move 

Amidst the flurry and excitement of moving are fantastic opportunities for involving your kids in the process. Involving your children helps them alleviate boredom, provides them with a sense of autonomy and independence, and can instill responsibility. Getting your children involved can also take away some of the stress and worry they might be experiencing. 

Here are a few ways you can motivate your children to help with the moving efforts: 

  • Ask Your Children for Input While Searching for A Home: You can do this by searching online or taking your children along for new neighborhood visits. Your child will feel more valued if you ask them their thoughts and opinions. 
  • Let Your Children Pack Their Rooms (If Safe to Do So): This tip applies to children who are of an appropriate age or maturity level, but if letting your child pack up is possible, it may boost their sense of control, autonomy, and responsibility. 
  • Allow Your Children to Decorate Their New Rooms: You want your children to feel excited and optimistic about their new space. Letting them choose their rooms’ colors, furniture, and décor will inspire their confidence within your new home. 

Assign tasks to your kids so they have something to do, too. If they are old enough, let them pack up their rooms with some supervision. When they are allowed to pack their belongings, it gives them a sense of control—at least over their belongings.

Moving Tip #4: Let Friends and Family Help with the Kids 

At some point, you’ll need to buckle down and begin planning, organizing, and packing your belongings. As much as you love your children, having them around during specific points in your move can get distracting and exhausting. Your children may feel the same. 

For the sake of your children’s well-being and your own, enlist help from family and friends to entertain your children. Whether your parents take them for an entire weekend sleepover or your best friend brings them to the park for the afternoon, having family and friends take over for a bit will be immensely helpful to your concentration. 

And best of all: your family and friends will be more likely to watch your children for free! 

Moving Tip #5: Incentivize Your Kids with A Yard Sale 

Deciding which items to keep and which to get rid of when you move is an essential task of the moving process. Adults and older teens typically have an easier time determining what belongings they want to keep, sell, or give away. However, young children may find it more difficult to part with their beloved items. 

If your young children are on the cusp of outgrowing certain toys and clothes, or they’ve already done so, hosting a yard sale and rewarding your children is the way to go. 

Aside from getting rid of your children’s outgrown or unwanted items, yard sales are a fun way to teach your children early financial responsibility. Your children may be more inclined to part with their items if they know they’ll receive rewards. You can also encourage your child to spend their hard-earned money on new things for their new home. 

Moving Tip #6: Introduce Your Kids to Your New Neighborhood 

Are your kids anxious about moving to a new neighborhood? That’s understandable. Moving to an unfamiliar place can be daunting for adults, and it can be especially scary for children who’ve only known one neighborhood their entire lives.  

Plan to visit your new neighborhood with your children before you move. If you’re moving locally, you can take your children to see your new house, tour your children’s new bedrooms, walk or drive around the neighborhood, and possibly meet your new neighbors. If possible, you may be able to show your children their new school. 

Consider showing your children pictures of your new home and neighborhood if you’re moving out-of-town. Doing so will give your children a better sense of where they’re going and what to expect. 

Moving Tip #7: Host A Kid’s Moving (And Housewarming) Party 

As the packing winds down and the moving begins, now’s the perfect time to host a moving party to say goodbye to your neighbors, get their contact information, and celebrate the times you shared. 

Hosting a housewarming is an excellent way to make you and your children feel welcome in your new home. Consider inviting your new neighbors so your children can get to know them better, and, if possible, invite old friends and neighbors to come to celebrate with you. 

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