Residential Moving Day Game Plan Tips

You have planned, prepped, and prepared for months leading up to your big moving day. Now it is down to the final few days before your local movers arrive to help relocate you to your new home. Before they arrive, now is a great time to finalize your moving day game plan with these great tips.

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  1. Make arrangements for someone to watch your kids. Younger kids will want to help with the move, but they can easily get bored on moving day. All of their toys and games are packed up, so they just have to sit and wait. It is better to keep them occupied at a neighbor’s or friend’s house.
  2. Board your pets at your vet’s office or ask a friend to keep them. Pets can be a distraction on moving day. You have to leave doors open, and a barking dog tied up can be annoying for everyone, including your neighbors. Cats can become agitated because their home is being turned upside down, so they might try to run out the door.
  3. Verify and confirm parking for the moving truck in advance. For house moves, this just means to make sure the driveway is clear so the truck can back in without any cars in the way. You will want to make sure to check street ordinances to verify what side you can park your vehicles on.

For apartment and condo moves, talk to the building manager to find out where the moving truck can park. You will also want to find out what elevator you should use if you live in a high-rise. Some buildings have freight elevators, and your building manager may instruct you to use it for your move.

  1. Map out the layout of your new home. If you want to save time figuring out where you want the furniture to go, utilize floor plans. An even better option is if you can get access to your new home the day before your move.

Do a walk-through and use your floor plan to mark where you want everything to go. On moving day, your movers will appreciate it, and it will make unloading the truck go much faster.

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  1. Have all packing completed before your movers You will want to make sure the bulk of your packing is done and boxes are ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. If you have a few items still to pack, like the clothing you wore yesterday, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, and so on, this is perfectly acceptable.

What you do not want is for your movers to arrive, and you’ve just started packing! If you are having difficulties with finding time to pack, talk to your mover to see if the company offers professional packing services. This value-added service is great because your movers do all the packing for you.

By creating a moving day game plan using these tips, your move will be stress-free and exciting! For more moving day tips or to request a free moving and storage quote, please feel free to contact the proud movers of the Chicago Cubs, Midway Moving & Storage, at (773) 588-7000 today!