Five Tips to Make Moving In with Your Significant Other a Success

Moving in with your significant other is a big step. It goes way beyond offering up a couple of drawers and letting them leave a toothbrush, like when you were dating. This is about combining lives and, more importantly, belongings. There is so much to consider, like who gets the bigger closet, who gets final say-so on decorating choices, and who decides if you should move yourselves or hire a residential mover.

Moving in together takes commitment, compromise, and patience, and, while it can end up being a happily ever after event, it takes communication to avoid any pitfalls.

Moving in together

Here are 5 tips to make moving in with your significant other a success:

  • Be Frank – Before you sign a lease, have a heart-to-heart about expectations, from marriage (is it an option?) to cleanliness (who scrubs the toilet?), and discuss how to resolve conflicts, which will arise no matter how much you try to avoid them.
  • Discuss Finances – Simply put, this topic makes everyone very uncomfortable, but it’s definitely something you have to do if you want to make this work out successfully. Delve deeply into each other’s income, credit scores, spending habits, and how you will divide up bills.
  • Move Into a New Space – This new phase of your relationship requires a new home that’s not his or hers, but ours. Talk about what’s important to both of you in a new home, discuss how important distance from work is, what kind of kitchen you want, and if you need a guest room. Now is also a good time to call moving companies for quotes. Moving in together can be challenging enough; moving everything by yourselves is one stress you can easily do without.


  • Meld Your Styles – Whether or not one is modern and the other loves antiques, find a way to blend your styles together. That includes furniture. If you have more furniture than space, you should each pick your favorite piece even if that means he brings his ratty recliner from college and she brings her favorite girlhood triple dresser in pink. It’s all about compromise.
  • Always Remember Why You Moved In Together – Living together can sometimes test your passion for each other. You see each other at your worst, which isn’t always romantic, so remember to keep the love alive.  Be kind, be courteous, go on dates, do nice things for each other, and keep communicating and compromising.

Moving in together is an exciting time. It means you’re taking your relationship to the next level and combining your lives. It also means you will probably be spending more time together in a closer proximity than you ever have, so you will have to learn when to stand your ground, when to negotiate, and when to let it go.

At Midway Moving, we can help you manage—at least, the moving part of the process—by providing a free consultation to discuss costs, when to begin packing, and how to change your address. Call us today at 800-300-0002. Our professional staff can help you plan every detail of the move so you both can enjoy this new beginning