De-Cluttering – The First Step in a Successful Move

There is one thing we can all agree on – we love our stuff.  Whether furniture, clothes, books, or whatever it is you collect, from teapots to salt and pepper shakers, we can never seem to have enough—until you find out you have to move residences. Moving means de-cluttering—parting with some of your things—but it doesn’t have to be a painful process; in fact, shedding some of your possession can be downright exhilarating and can even save you money.

Decluttering is not a chore, it’s a process, and one that should happen long before you pack your first box to move. You do not have to declutter the whole house at one time. Start small; pick a drawer and go through it. Once you try decluttering, you might find you like it.


The first step in the decluttering process is to have three distinct areas to put things you want to keep, discard, and give away.

  1. Discard – Start by discarding anything broken or damaged, no matter how much you love it.  Do you really want to move that into your nice, new, shiny home? Next are items still boxed from your last move that you haven’t opened, and any expired food or medicine. Also, shred any excess paper like old bills and tax returns older than seven years, or electronically scan them if you want to keep them.
  2. Give Away – Magazines and books are great culprits of keeping a home looking cluttered. Give away any that you have read or won’t read again, like college textbooks. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year, which don’t fit, or which don’t suit your style are perfect to donate, as are gifts you tossed in a closet and haven’t touched. Also, any furniture that has outlived its usefulness to you should go in the giveaway You also don’t have to donate everything; there are a number of online tag sale sites where you can post your items, or you can have a yard sale. Your things can get a new lease on life, and you can maybe make a few dollars.
  3. Keep – This is going to be your favorite pile, but you have to ask yourself if are you keeping it because you can or because it’s useful, or if has a place in your new home, or if it serves a specific purpose.  Some things are just too fabulous not to keep but don’t fit any of the aforementioned criteria, so limit yourself to 10 of these.


Every item you pack will cost you money to move and will take up valuable space in your new place, so it’s imperative that you choose wisely. Decluttering not only helps you move fewer things, it gives you a chance at a fresh start in your new place. Call Midway Moving today, at 800-300-0002, to get a free consultation. Our helpful staff has the experience and knowledge to help take the stress out of your move.