De-Cluttering – The First Step in a Successful Move


How To De-Clutter Your Home Before Moving

One of the most overwhelming parts about moving is staring at all your stuff. Most people love their stuff. From furniture and clothes to books and souvenirs, things start to stack up in front of our eyes. The good news is that moving is one of the best times to get rid of the clutter and begin fresh. Shredding some of these possessions is often exhilarating and can even save you money. Midway Moving and Storage in Chicago is here to help you with our decluttering tips to ensure you aren’t stuck staring at your belongings during a move. Contact us for more information and tips on decluttering.

Get Rid Of The Junk

The first step to decluttering your home before a move is getting rid of junk. If it’s broken or damaged, throw it away. You may think that one day you’ll use it for some random reason, but there’s a reason it’s sat collecting dust for years. Throw away expired food and medicines, too.

Fill A Trash Bag

The art of decluttering starts with the simple act of filling a trash bag. Once you load a trash bag with random objects, you’ll get excited to find other items to throw in the bag. It’ll become a game of trying to find things that you don’t truly need at your new home.

Don’t Start A Storage Unit In Your Home

We offer storage units for a reason. They don’t belong in your home. Your home shouldn’t be the place to store old furniture, curtain rods, former cell phones, or decades-old prom dresses. De-cluttering means getting rid of things that could sit in a storage unit for months without a second thought.residential-moving

Donate Items

Moving is the perfect time to donate items. College textbooks, magazines, and books can go to new homes. If you haven’t worn clothing items in a year or have gifts sitting in a closet, donate them to someone who will use them. Donating items gives you a new start without clutter and provides someone else new treasures.

Choose The Cream Of The Crop

It’s important to ask yourself if each item is “the best, the favorite, or necessary.” While staring at your collection of random pots and pans, ask yourself which ones you use the most. If you have dozens of different types of towels in your linen closet, choose the ones that you love the most. Your home doesn’t need to be a store filled with all kinds of products that aren’t necessary.

Divide and Conquer 

One of the best ways to start the de-cluttering process is to get everything out in front of you. Take things out of drawers and off shelves to edit them before organization. You can relocate medications and first aid products into labeled bins for better organization. Once you have things in front of you, knowing what can be thrown away or placed into an organized bin is easier.

Designate A “Keep” Pile

Your “keep” pile may become your favorite pile. You need to ask yourself if you’re keeping it because you need it or just want to keep it. Keep it if it has a place in your new home or serves a purpose. Your keep pile shouldn’t have more than ten items in it. This is a special pile where you can throw some junk, but only if you’ll use it one day.

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Remember that every item you pack will cost money and take up valuable space when you’re de-cluttering. It’s essential to choose your items wisely. Our experienced Midway Moving & Storage team is happy to give you a free quote and provide a free consultation about our moving and storage services. We’ve helped Chicago residents with stress-free moving services for over 30 years. Contact us today at (866) 693-4148!