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Piano moving in Chicago, IL presents a unique set of challenges. Pianos are heavy and delicate, with awkward weight distribution and many moving parts which must not be disturbed in order to transport the instrument safely. Beyond the technical aspects of moving the piano itself, there’s the fact that many houses and buildings in Chicago feature tight staircases and walk-up living scenarios.

That’s why it’s important to trust your piano with movers who are well-versed in the deft art of piano transportation; it’s not just another piece of furniture. The professionals at Midway Moving and Storage are well-versed in the particulars of piano moving in Chicago, IL and know how to get the job done right.

Good Piano Movers Are Hard to Find

Moving a piano isn’t like moving an armoire or a bed frame. Subpar movers might simply load your piano into the back of a truck and send it bouncing along its merry way without taking into consideration the potential damage to the instrument.

Hiring specialist piano movers like Midway Moving and Storage might cost a little more than cut-rate moving services, but it’s worth it to guarantee that your piano arrives safe and sound in full working order.

What Makes Us Different

Whether you’re moving an upright, spinet, baby grand, or player piano, the seasoned pros at Midway Moving & Storage approach each move with fresh eyes, safely wrapping and padding your piano before transport and taking its age, structural integrity, and construction into account. We understand that many pianos are family heirlooms, and we treat them as such.

If you need piano moving in Chicago, IL, contact a professional moving consultant at Midway Moving & Storage today. We can be reached at 773-588-7000.

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