Tips for Packing Wine and Wine Glasses

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Moving can be an exhausting process with lots of details to work out. The team at Midway Moving & Storage wants to help you out with some tips for packing wine glasses and bottles of wine. Our experienced movers in Chicago, IL are here to offer you the best packing tips, packing materials, and full-service packing in Illinois. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur with an extensive collection or you just have a few bottles you don’t want to throw out, check out these tips for packing wine and wine glasses. Get in touch with our professional movers today to schedule your move or ask us questions. 

Tips for packing wine and wine glasses Chicago, IL

Choosing the Right Boxes 

You don’t have to throw a party and drink all your wine the night before you move. In fact, we don’t recommend that. Being well-rested and ready to go on moving day is essential, and you may want to know exactly where your wine and glasses are when you arrive at your new home so you can celebrate and relax a bit. The right boxes and packing materials can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your wine bottles and glasses safe. Arriving at your new home with broken wine bottles or glasses is the last thing you want to happen. Wine boxes, or cell boxes, are the right way to go. Wine drinkers need to decide if they want to pack their bottles vertically or horizontally. Packing wine bottles horizontally places less pressure on them than vertical packing does. Many wine companies ship older vintage wine bottles long distances using the horizontal method. Midway Moving & Storage has all the moving boxes you might need. 

Avoid Using Newspapers 

Not many people read newspapers anymore, but some movers use them to provide added protection in moving boxes. Using newspapers to pack wine glasses is not recommended because newspaper ink can spread across the exterior of your glasses. Instead of newspapers, use white tissue paper to protect your wine glasses from being scratched. Some movers like to use bubble wrap, but be sure to place tissue paper first before wrapping your wine bottles or glasses with bubble wrap over the tissue paper. Not doing this can result in suction between the bubble wrap and glasses, causing broken stems. 

Learn More About Your Wine 

Whether you have a wine cellar and need to pack several boxes of wine or you just have a couple of bottles to pack, learning more about the type of wines you own can give you proper guidance on how to pack them effectively. The more expensive your wine bottles are, the more critical it is to protect them during your local or cross-country move. Each year and bottle is unique, and some should be packed upside down or at a particular angle. Be sure you label your wine boxes with special instructions, whether you are hiring professional movers or doing it yourself. 

Seven Steps for Packing Wine Glasses 

Wine glasses are delicate objects that need to be packed properly, so they don’t break. Check out these seven steps for packing your wine glasses for your big move: 

  1. Choose the correct box – Use double-thick, “dishpack” or cell boxes. 
  2. Gather the proper materials – Use cardboard inserts and a lot of plain white packing paper. 
  3. Wrap your glasses – Wrap your wine glasses in paper like you’re making a burrito. Repeat the process three to five times. 
  4. Pack and pad – Cushion the bottom of your boxes and place your glasses vertically. 
  5. Layer and repeat – Place more packing paper on top of the first layer. Repeat the process of stacking glasses. 
  6. Stuff empty space – Fill up any empty space using crumpled packing paper. 
  7. Tape and move – Tape and label your boxes “fragile,” and be sure to use up arrows. 

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