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    Midway Moving & Storage in Rosemont, IL

    Whether relocating your family or moving your business, our professional team of movers can help every step of the way. Trained, certified, and insured moving professionals are on hand to help. One of the premier moving companies in the Chicago area, we have the reputation, expertise, and dependability to eliminate the stress of moving.

    A Look at Rosemont

    Immediately northwest of Chicago, and adjacent to O’Hare International Airport, Rosemont, IL is mainly a gated community. The residential areas have been gated since 1995. Several interstate highways and rail lines traverse the village, which is home to various corporate and office facilities. Allstate Arena and the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center are located in Rosemont. The Rosemont Theatre and Fashion Outlets of Chicago are here as well.

    Unpopulated during much of the 19th century, the area saw the arrival of the Wisconsin Central Railroad in 1887. What would later become Rosemont was divided up into parcels and sold at the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition. Orchard Field Airport was chosen as the site for an international airport, increasing the community’s strategic importance. In 1975, the O’Hare Exposition Center opened and became today’s one million square foot convention and conference center.

    Rosemont is now important economically for the state. Movers in Rosemont, Illinois can attest to the popularity among home buyers, small shop owners, and multi-national corporations. Many major hotel chains serve visitors to the region. The village is home to MB Financial Park—a large entertainment complex with restaurants and room for entertainment, summer concerts, and winter ice skating.

    Choose the Best Moving Company to Relocate to Rosemont

    As for a neighborhood vibe, most of the residential properties in Rosemont, IL are located in a few-block area between I-90 and Willow Creek. The perks of living here include access to transportation, offices, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. Most of the village’s land area consists of large hotels, office buildings, and other public facilities.

    Many moving companies hire inexperienced labor. Our movers are schooled at a dedicated training center and employ best practices to move everything you need them to. You can depend on them to safely move large items and high-value possessions. We’ve managed the moving needs of some of the area’s largest institutions, including Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Cubs.

    From packing supplies to self-storage, we have it all. If moving locally or long distance, we can provide a completely customized set of services that include packing up your belongings, shipping them by truck to your destination, and unpacking everything when we get there. This leaves you with little to worry about and saves a great deal of energy. We also offer free, accurate estimates each time, with no hidden charges.

    For information about Midway Moving & Storage and to receive an estimate, call us at 800-300-0002 today.

    Request a Custom Quote

    or call 800-300-0002 today!

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