How to Pack Candles Properly When Moving

Packing Candles for a Move

When you are packing for a move, most of your things are pretty straightforward. You know not to pack too many books in a box, because you won’t be able to lift it, and you may even know that dishes are best packed vertically, rather than stacked. But when it comes to moving with delicate items like candles, it’s easy to be stumped. Let’s face it, high-quality candles can get expensive, and some candles hold sentimental value. Protecting your candles during relocation can be a challenge, and many of us have had the unfortunate experience of arriving at the new location to find ourselves unpacking packing paper full of candle goo, instead of our candles. Not to worry! Midway Moving and Storage has years of experience protecting delicate items, and we have candle packing tips to help you in your quest to safely transport candles so they’ll be ready to light when you reach your new home.

Why Packing Candles is Hard

Moving with candles can be risky, because they are made of wax, often inside glass jars. Candles will melt in excessive heat, and this doesn’t just ruin the candle. A melted candle is likely to drip wax onto your other belongings, and this can ruin them as well. What’s more, if the glass candle holders are not packed correctly, they can be broken or damaged as well.

How to Move Your Candles

  • Start with the right materials. To properly pack and move candles, you will need heavy-duty moving boxes, along with packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and a permanent marker.
  • Wrap each candle separately. All candles, whether they’re tealights, votives, tapers, jarred candles, or some other type of candle, should be individually wrapped, so that they will be protected and won’t melt together. If you can, wrap the candles separately from their candleholders, too. After tightly rolling each candle in packing paper, tape the ends closed. If the candle is in glass, wrap it in bubble wrap instead of packing paper. This will protect the candle from damage, but it will also protect you from injury from broken glass if it should somehow break.
  • Pack candles in boxes. Once you have wrapped them, place the candles in sturdy boxes, assembled with packing tape to keep them from breaking, with a layer or two of packing paper in the bottom of the box. Place each individually wrapped candle into the box, being careful not to pack the box too full or make it too heavy. Separate each layer of candles with a layer of packing paper, and don’t allow candles and candle holders to touch each other.
  • Close the boxes and seal them. As with all of your moving boxes, the boxes holding candles should be sealed with packing tape and clearly labeled. If the box is heavy, reinforce it with packing tape, and use a permanent marker to label the box with details about the candles inside it.
  • Don’t put boxes of candles on the moving truck. Moving trucks are not climate controlled, so taking your candles in your air conditioned car is a safer bet. Once you get to the new place, get the candles into the house and out of the heat as quickly as possible.

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