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    Professional Home and Office Movers in Niles, IL

    Midway Moving & Storage has served customers in Chicago and throughout Illinois for over 30 years. In our years of service, we’ve helped countless residents and business owners relocate without hassle, and we are proud to have helped prominent government institutions and not-for-profit organizations as well. Our moving company serves those relocating their homes and businesses to the village of Niles, just north of the Chicago city limits.

    History of Niles, IL

    In the 1820s and 1830s, settlers arrived in an area occupied by Native Americans. On July 29, 1829, Article 4 of the Second Treaty of Prairie du Chien was signed between Chippewa, Potawatomie, and Ottawa chiefs and the U.S. government. It provided people with mixed-Native American ancestry with tracts of land, which later established part of the village’s border, long before moving companies started helping hard-working families move here.

    The origin of the municipality’s name is unclear, although the Chicago Tribune suggested in 1929 it was a reference to a popular 1820s and 1830s newspaper. Other possibilities include influence by settlers from Niles, Michigan, or the name of a construction company present during its founding. Niles Township was formed in 1850 and formally incorporated as part of Illinois in 1899.

    Other key historical facts include:

    • In 1932, a half-size replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built in a recreational park to cover the water tank of a swimming pool.
    • Niles established free ambulance service in 1946. It was the first community in the state to do so, and one of the first in the nation.
    • In 1959, annexed unincorporated land was dedicated, where the Golf Mill Shopping Center, a fitness facility, senior center, library, and middle school were built.

    Best Places to Live in Niles, Illinois

    Niles consists of several neighborhoods. The community is known for being well-served by the local transportation system and for its comprehensive array of amenities, including retail, restaurants, shopping centers, neighborhood bars, movie theaters, schools, and a park district. Notable neighborhoods include Chesterfield Gardens, Emerson Pl/Oakton Manor, Glen Oaks Commons, and Milwaukee Avenue.

    The community has a suburban feel. Our movers in Illinois most often cater to those owning property, as 75% of people own vs. rent in Niles, according to Niles is known for being family-friendly with good work opportunities and a good school system.

    Moving to Niles? Let One of the Top Moving Companies Help

    Midway Moving & Storage is familiar with the Chicago area and is located nearby. Our movers are trained at the Mover Training Center, where they learn best practices for handling expensive items and about providing the best customer service possible. Each professional mover is also certified and insured. When we’re called on, Midway employs its own team to assist people in relocating their homes or businesses to Niles.

    We always provide accurate up-front quotes and never produce unexpected surprises. Honesty is one of our most respected attributes, as are our promptness and reliability. If you need self-storage and document storage/destruction services, we can handle that, too.

    Call 866-693-4148 for a free quote or to request assistance with moving to Niles, IL.

    Request a Custom Quote

    or call 800-300-0002 today!

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