Upcoming Move? 6 Situations Where You Should Consider Hiring a Relocation Concierge

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When you picture your upcoming move, you may imagine labeling boxes, packing up a truck, and breaking down numerous cardboard boxes once you arrive. But what if you could simplify your move?

A relocation concierge can take on some of the most stressful tasks associated with moving, from deep cleaning appliances to unpacking your belongings in your new home. Some concierge services even offer help selling your house, utility account transfers, and home entertainment system installation.

In this blog, we list six move circumstances where a relocation concierge may represent your best option for a smooth and efficient move.

1. You Have Many Overlapping Responsibilities

Many individuals have responsibilities that make it nearly impossible to move efficiently and fulfill all their obligations. For example, if you work in another city, take care of your children, and provide freelance consultations, you may not have much time for packing boxes.

A relocation concierge lightens the load by taking most moving-related tasks off your personal to-do list. This delegation allows you to complete all the work you usually would without worrying about moving.

2. You Have Never Handled a Move on Your Own Before

Moving can feel intimidating, and with good reason. Each move requires numerous important decisions, as well as some standard steps you might not feel familiar with if you’ve never handled your own move before.

Whether you’re recently married or you’re moving overseas for the first time, you may need some help during this transition. When a concierge walks you through the process, the guidance not only gets you on your way this time, but it also makes you better prepared for future moves.

3. You Must Transfer to a New City Before Your Lease Ends

Often, schedules just don’t line up. Sometimes, this disconnect means that you have to start a new job in your destination city before your home sells or that you have to sign your new lease before the old one ends.

A relocation concierge can handle many of the logistical tasks involved in a move like this, such as filing a change of address and closing utility accounts.

4. You Need a Low-Impact Transition

Not every move comes at a convenient time. If you find yourself having to move during a pregnancy, soon after a surgery, or as part of a marriage separation, you likely crave a transition with as little emotional, mental, and social impact as possible.

An expert concierge can provide just that.

5. Your Mental or Physical Health Inhibits Your Ability to Move

Moving puts a lot of strain on your health. The transition requires a lot of planning, physical labor, and logistics.

Not only does a concierge help you leave your current home, but he or she may also offer unpacking and arrangement services so your home is ready to be lived in within days of your trip.

6. Your Occupation Conflicts With Moving Dates

For many adults, work represents an essential part of life. If you have a full-time job, you may not have the ability to take time off of work for packing, transporting, and settling in.

When you can’t use the sick days and don’t have paid time off, consider letting a relocation concierge handle the brunt of your moving tasks.


If you find yourself in a situation similar to any listed here, you will want more than just professional movers or packers. A relocation concierge offers the personal and comprehensive service you need to get out of your current housing and into your new home easily.

Think a concierge could be right for your upcoming move? Consult with Midway Moving & Storage to find the right professional to help you and your family transition as smoothly as possible.

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