The Midway Difference

Midway is different from other Chicago moving companies.  Here's how:

The Other Guys


They scratch, ding and lose your stuff because their movers lack training, experience and expertise.

Midway knows how to protect your belongings because all of our movers are Certified Professional Movers who were trained  in our Mover Training.

They have little accountability because their movers are often day laborers, seasonal hires, college students or subcontractors.

Our Chicago movers are year-round Midway employees and most have been with the company for many years; they have a vested interest in taking care of their clients.

They arrive late or not at all because they use rental trucks or old vehicles that can break down and delay your move.


Midway arrives on-time, thanks to our reliable fleet of more than 200 trucks and trailers, which are kept in tip-top shape by our in-house mechanics.

You can't get a hold of them to ask questions or make last-minute changes because their sales team might be out-of-state or even a separate company that subcontracts your actual move.

We are always at your service. Our sales team works closely with our dispatch department, ensuring a seamless process from the day you book your move until the last box is unloaded.

They arrive late or get lost on the way to your new home because they don't utilize efficiency and tracking technology. 

Midway uses state-of-the-art radio communication, GPS and tracking systems to monitor your move and your storage unit.

You have to forage for old boxes or make a trip to the store to purchase expensive boxes.

Midway will deliver boxes and packing materials to your home and buy back any boxes that you don't use.

You've never heard of them because they only operate seasonallly or farm out your move to no-name operators.

Midway has been a leading Chicago mover for nearly 25 years.  We have been trusted to move the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Housing Authority.

They are only committed to getting your money.

Midway is committed to serving our customers and our community.  We donate a portion of proceeds from every move to a Chicago charity.

community involvement
Midway is committed to the communities we serve. True to our mission, we return a percentage of every move to local charities that are committed to improving the quality of life for people in the Chicago area.