Moving Last Minute? 3 Tips to Speed Things Along

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Many moving experts will suggest you take your time whenever you move. You should plan your moving checklist months in advance and gradually chip away at organizing essentials and filling out paperwork. Each box should have a color code and labeling system that would make Martha Stewart proud.

But what if you have to move last minute?

Whether you prefer to procrastinate or your landlord unexpectedly ended your lease, you might not have time to mosey from room to room or list each item you possess. In these time-sensitive scenarios, you need to pack up and fast.

The following tips can help you keep your cool and speed your move along.

1. Download Moving Apps to Your Phone

When you have to move in a hurry, you might feel tempted to press your internal panic button. You know you should organize your move somehow, but you only have a few minutes to grab packing supplies before you have to empty your closet and stuff your books into boxes.

Luckily for you, your phone can do all the thinking while you do the heavy lifting. When you download apps such as Move Planner (for iPhone) or Moving Planner (for Android), your phone can quickly generate checklists that will help you move like a pro. Simply check each finished task on your to-do list, and you can move freely knowing that you haven’t forgotten to pack your photo albums or wind up your garden hose.

2. Don’t Wait to Hire Your Moving Team

Your friends and family may offer to help you move during your time of need, but you might want to hesitate before you accept their generosity. Although your brothers may have the ability to move your couch out to the curb, they could just as easily drop your furniture on your new hardwood floors. While your friends may exchange hard labor for pizza, they might make other plans on moving day weekend and leave you high and dry.

As your moving day draws ever closer, don’t risk injuries or negative feelings that would otherwise delay your move. A professional packing and moving team can give you the speed, efficiency, and reliability that you want without the stress.

But keep in mind that moving teams require some warning, and their schedules fill up fast. If you need to move in a hurry, don’t wait to call in a crew to finish the job.

3. Organize Odds and Ends Later

As you throw similar items together and pack each room, you may come across a few odds and ends that don’t seem to fit anywhere. Do you put your thumbtacks with your sewing supplies or your office essentials? Do you stash your old prescription eyeglasses in with your display souvenirs or your medical supplies?

Rather than debating about which items fall under what category, simply toss your bric-a-brac into a single box, label it as “miscellaneous,” and continue on. When you carefully sort, organize, and label each and every item, you waste valuable minutes (and sometimes hours) that you could dedicate to moving more important documents and appliances.

Once you arrive at your new home, you can temporarily place your boxes of odds and ends in your garage, closet, or living room and sort the mess whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Remember: You Can Do This

Although moving last minute may feel overwhelming at first, remember that you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. With a little help from your phone, some expert help from a moving crew, and a small amount of controlled disorganization, you can pack for your move in record time.

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