Moving Abroad: 7 Countries to Consider

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You enjoy living in Chicago, but you want a change. Moving to another neighborhood, city, or state just won’t cut it. You thirst for adventure, and that can mean only one thing: moving abroad.

Deciding to move to another country is a huge decision. You worry about speaking the language, making friends, and getting used to a new culture. You wonder if a new country will offer the same conveniences as living in the United States. And you hesitate to leave your extended family behind.

But moving to a new country has plenty of benefits as well. Here are some of the best countries for expatriates and why you should consider them.

1. Switzerland

In surveys of Americans who’ve moved abroad, Switzerland consistently ranks high on the list. That’s not surprising-Switzerland offers its residents many exciting things to do. From skiing to boating to hiking, plenty of outdoor adventures await you in Switzerland.

Aside from Switzerland’s many recreational opportunities, it also boasts a thriving economy. You’re likely to find high-paying jobs there. But those high salaries come with a high cost of living; make sure you take higher costs into account before planning your move to Switzerland.

2. Ecuador

When you think of countries Americans move to, Ecuador probably doesn’t come first to your mind. However, Ecuador has received very positive scores in expat surveys.

Those Americans who moved to Ecuador point out that they do well there financially. They earn a large salary but don’t pay much for housing or dining. They also enjoy the atmosphere and are able to make friends easily. Also consider that Ecuador isn’t too far from the United States. You can travel to Florida in just a few hours.

Worried about Latin American crime rates? Ecuador has one of the lowest. However, don’t move to Ecuador if you’re not ready to learn some basic Spanish and adjust to the Latin culture.

3. China

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you can still enjoy living in China. In big cities like Shanghai, many people speak English. And despite language barriers, Americans moving to China often remark that they have an active social life. Of course, there are plenty of things to see in China as well, from historical sites to museums to shopping areas.

But the main reason to move to China? China offers a variety of high-paying jobs. And even if you don’t yet know where you want to work, you can easily find a job teaching English.

At first, moving to China can prove difficult. While Western food is available in China, it is very expensive. Plus, Chinese culture is very different from American culture and requires adjustments-but many Americans believe they’re adjustments worth making.

4. Australia

Australia is a popular destination for Americans because they already feel comfortable there. After all, they don’t have to learn a new language!

In addition, Australia offers a great quality of life. Residents enjoy good food, plenty of entertainment, and beautiful weather.

However, Australia rates low for public transportation. In fact, a recent survey ranked Sydney’s transportation as one of the worst in the world’s major cities.

5. Germany

If you have children, Germany is a good choice. Germany ranks as one of the safest countries in the world and has a low crime rate. Germany also boasts a great education system, excellent healthcare, and a thriving economy.

The downside: the cost of living in Germany is higher than other countries.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia. It has a tropical climate, with hot weather and lots of rain.

Singapore has an excellent economy and education system. It’s also considered a safe place to live.

However, housing is quite expensive in Singapore. Owning a car in Singapore is expensive as well-you pay a pretty penny for parking, tolls, taxes, and insurance. Fortunately, the public transportation system is cheap and easy to use.

7. New Zealand

As soon as you see photos of beautiful New Zealand, you’ll feel ready to schedule your moving date. But New Zealand has more going for it than just beauty. It boasts low crime rates, a family-friendly atmosphere, and many career opportunities.

Many Americans move to New Zealand because locals speak English. Plus, New Zealand offers a laid- back, relaxing lifestyle that they can’t find in America.

But New Zealand isn’t the cheapest place to live. Depending on your job, you might find it difficult to pay all your bills in New Zealand and have extra money to spare.


Any of these countries can give you a unique experience you won’t find in your own homeland. You’ll enjoy a new culture and way of life.

No matter where you go throughout the world, find a moving company who has experience moving their customers abroad. Your movers will know how to navigate all the ins and outs of international relocation to give you a smooth moving experience.

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