How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Before a Move

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When the time comes to move, you and your family experience a unique blend of excitement and nervousness. Much of your life as you know it will change fundamentally, especially if you have plans to move across the country or even across the world.

You might have found the perfect new home, but still you feel like the home you live in now lacks something. With weeks or months left before your moving day, you decide that your current residence needs a bit more work before you put it on the real estate market.

Everyone in your household agrees that the home needs a more attractive curb appeal to sell faster. Read the following suggestions below to effectively increase your home’s value before you leave it for good.

Update the Old or Undesirable

Go outside and take a good long look at your home’s front yard and driveway. Put your feet in the shoes of a buyer and pretend you’re interested in moving into this home. What sights or objects stand out as eyesores?

Even though you may love the history behind your rusty mailbox or your faded forest green exterior paint, picture an updated, fresh scene that would attract passersby. Consider renovating or replacing the following.

Front Door

Your entry door signals how you welcome visitors to your house. If it looks cracked, dented, or washed-out, call a contractor to receive ideas on how to update it. Try a warm natural oak with windows and a bronze knob. Or, go for a vibrant cherry red fiberglass door to make a firm statement.


Just as eyes are the windows to the soul, your windows allow others’ eyes to glance into your home’s interior. Interested buyers won’t be taken with dirty or smudged glass. Neither will they enjoy seeing sagging awnings or claustrophobic metal bars. Clean or re-install your glass and try out elegant, inviting exterior shutters to turn heads.


As you gaze upon and analyze the front of your home, don’t forget to lower your eyes and inspect the yard, with its lawn, trees, walkways, and other landscaping features. See any dead spots of grass? How about an overgrown sidewalk leading to your front porch?

Take time to trim shrubbery, plant colorful flowers, and replace that old concrete pathway with a charming cobblestone one. Focus on symmetrical features and clean-cut appearances.

Enhance the Already Beautiful

You don’t need to tear apart everything you see as you survey the front yard and entryway. Give yourself credit for the already attractive features there, like the new lampposts you installed last year or the wooden bird feeder beneath your ash tree.

But do all you can to enhance or complement these additions to create a stunning first impression that will positively influence a buyer’s decision. Listed below you’ll find some inventive ideas to accomplish this task.

Revitalize Your Address Number

Those weatherworn, water-damaged numbers on your exterior wall could use a refurbish. To attain the full effect of your inviting bricks, install metal numbers in a gleaming gold or shiny silver finish. Doing so will not just add beauty-it will help interested visitors remember your home’s location.

Make Your Porch Even Cozier

You’ve done much over the years to create a welcoming area just outside your front door. But it won’t hurt to add an extra touch of style and comfort. If you have a covered porch, add some potted flowers, coffee tables, and soft chairs. Such a setup gives buyers a quick taste of your home’s interior warmth. Just don’t forget to periodically clean and maintain these fixtures.

Find the Perfect Color Scheme

You might think to repaint every inch of your exterior walls. But you can save some money and instead add touches of joyful color here and there. If you need to, repaint old, discolored walls and panels. Then, add a complementary color on thinner columns, trim, and shutters.

You can achieve an earthy, traditional look with browns, tans, and dark greens. Or if you want your home to snap with flair, try a bold red or blue with white trim. Remember that your home’s color is probably the first feature that a prospective buyer will notice.

Don’t Neglect the Inside

As you update your home’s appearance on the outside, don’t forget to do the same inside. When you’re serious about moving into a new home and selling your current one, be sure to clean, renovate, or repair interior furniture, fixtures, and appliances as needed.

Resist the urge to picture your new life in your next abode and focus on preparing your current home for sale. As you proceed towards your moving day, make whatever changes necessary to create a praiseworthy impression for your buyers.

And don’t forget to enlist the aid of a professional moving and storage company to help you transition to your new life.

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