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Find the Answers You’re Looking for When Moving in Chicago, IL Here at Midway Moving

Q: Should I hire professional movers?

Moving yourself can save money, but it takes much longer. You have to pack your belongings, find vehicles to move with, load, and finally unload everything. And you’ll probably also have to ask for help, either from friends or family, which can add to the stress.

If you decide to use our Chicago movers, you will free yourself of the extra time and intense physical effort of the move. Professional movers do cost more, but they also provide many services that are worth the expense, particularly if you have large or heavy furniture or if your move requires going down stairs. The cost of hiring professional movers is probably less expensive than replacing damaged furniture or repairing scratches or dents in your walls.

If convenience is your main objective, you can hire a moving company to pack, move, and unpack everything for you. If your goal is to keep costs down, simply have the movers transport your pre-packed boxes. Once you work out the details of your move (i.e. distance, how many items or boxes, weight of items, transportation costs) you can evaluate cost versus convenience in order to make the best decision.

Q: How do I choose a moving company?

The best way to find a good moving company is to ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If you live in a condo or apartment building, ask your building manager for recommendations. At Midway, most of our new customers come through referrals, something we are very proud of.

The next step is to contact local moving companies in order to find out the pricing and options available. As you compare prices, remember that different moving companies include different services in their estimates. For example, some may quote you an hourly fee, but then tack on a transportation charge when it’s time to pay.

When quoting a price for your move, the company should ask about heavy furniture, what floor you live on, and if special equipment is required. These factors will impact the price of your move, and if the moving companies aren’t informed, your real cost might be significantly higher than the estimate. Beware of moving companies that demand a deposit; if your move is re-scheduled or cancelled, you will probably not get it back. Midway never asks for a deposit. Every charge is disclosed upfront, and there are never any hidden charges.

Before you book a company, be sure that they have correct licensing, certification and valuation coverage, which are designed to protect the customer and the moving company against things that can happen during a move. Midway is fully licensed and insured.

Q: What about online moving companies?

Beware of moving companies that appear reputable on their Web sites, but that you’ve never heard of before. Many Internet-based moving companies that will take your money and information, and then subcontract your move out to unskilled workers or college students that have no professional training, putting you and your possessions at risk. Midway Moving and Storage is the only moving company that requires each employee to complete a rigorous in-house training program before they can service customers. Midway has a longstanding track record of satisfying customers.

Q: What can I expect from Midway?

As a Midway customer, you will be provided with:

  • Professional, certified movers
  • Polite, patient and courteous sales staff and crews
  • A free written estimate on the cost of your move
  • Confirmation on the specifics of your move, including a list of the services we provide
  • A list of moving tips, including helpful hints for packing
  • A FREE “Comprehensive Relocation Guide”
  • FREE box delivery and credit for unused boxes
  • A post-move customer satisfaction questionnaire

Q: What kind of storage do I need?

There are many kinds of storage units that you can rent, but the main differences come down to size and access. Many local companies offer public storage, which can be convenient because it is easily accessible. However, public storage is just as its name implies, and early anyone can gain entry into the storage facility. This may not be the best option for those who highly value their possessions. Public storage also requires customers secure their own moving vehicle and to load and unload their own things.

Midway currently offers secured storage and Mobile Storage Units. Midway’s 254,000 square-foot secured storage facility is equipped with state of the art temperature control, security and proprietary barcode tracking systems, ensuring that your possessions are safe at all times. You can view photos of our storage facility here. Midway’s Mobile Storage Unit service adds convenience and accessibility to our storage offerings. We will deliver the 8 x 5 foot storage unit to your home, then we will load it or you can load it at your leisure. When you’re finished, we pick up the Unit and secure it at our facility. Midway will then return it at your request. Mobile Storage Units are great for most customers because they are easily accessible, more affordable than public storage, and eliminate the need to estimate on storage space – if you fill one unit up, simply order another.

Q: What else should I know about Moving?

Please see the “Household Move in Illinois” Consumer’s Guide, published by the Illinois Commerce Commission. ConsumerGuide (1)

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