Evade These 8 Mistakes That All People Make When They Move

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Relocations always seem to have hiccups. Even if you have moved multiple times in the past, you know that each new move brings its own minor complications. A dish inevitably breaks or your leather furniture never fails to sustain scratches. Perhaps one of your friends or family members always manages to drop something heavy on his or her foot.

But with this next move, you don’t want to deal with these problems. You need everything to go smoothly because you don’t have the time to address injuries or property damage.

Make your move as stress-free as possible by avoiding the common moving mistakes listed below. These tips will help you no matter how much experience you already have with moving.

  1. You Try to Move by Yourself

You never have to lift and move everything in your home by yourself, even if you live far away from your family and hate your neighbors. Ask your moving company about loading and unloading assistance. Most companies will send their employees to help you put all your belongings in the moving truck and take them out again.

This service gives you several advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about injuring your back as you carry heavy boxes by yourself. Second, those employees have years of experience safely carrying weighty or fragile items in and out of moving trucks. You can depend on them to keep your belongings safer than if you had moved them by yourself.

  1. You Don’t Book Your Movers in Advance

If you plan to move in the spring or summer, book your movers three to four months in advance. If you don’t, you may have to settle for a mover with less experience or lackluster reputation. But when you book early, you’ll get the mover you want on your ideal relocation date.

     3. You Don’t Insure Your Belongings

Accidents happen, so even if you hired the world’s best movers, purchase insurance for your items during transport. You’ll get this insurance through your moving company.

After you pay for coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will stay safe, even if an accident happens on the road.

  1. You Neglect to Pack Until the Week Before Your Move

Many people assume that they can leave their belongings alone until the week before their move. So they leave their books, dishes, clothes, and more unpacked down to the last minute-and they regret their decision.

The packing process takes longer than you assume it will. So, start packing no later than a month before your move, and put all the unnecessary possessions in boxes. These unnecessary items could include any entertainment media, special dishes, extra linens, unused furniture items, and other similar belongings. Essentially, if you don’t need an object in your day-to-day life, pack it.

  1. You Don’t Label Your Boxes

Without labels, you won’t know where your fragile or valuable items end up. You can’t keep track of your kitchen set or your tools either. So, as you pack your belongings, write down everything you put in each box. If you have cardboard boxes, you can write directly on them. But if you use plastic containers instead, invest in sticker labels.

Additionally, don’t just label what goes inside each box. Write down the room where the boxes go as well. With that extra information on the label, the movers can save you some time and put those boxes in the appropriate room as they unload the truck.

  1. You Don’t Downsize Your Clutter

At the same time you begin packing, you must also downsize. After all, you likely own a plethora of items you don’t need. Go through everything and purge the decorations, dishes, books, and other belongings that you haven’t used in a year or more.

Donate these items to charity or a secondhand store. You can even host a garage sale and earn a little extra money. The fewer useless objects you keep around, the easier your moving day will become.

  1. You Purchase Flimsy Moving Supplies

You do not want to pack your items in boxes and then have those containers break when you try to load the moving truck. Use caution when you buy boxes and tape-and stay especially wary when you collect free boxes from grocery stores. Those boxes must look and feel sturdy. They should not bend or buckle when you apply force to them.

However, even the strongest cardboard boxes may break if you put too much weight inside them. Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes to mitigate this problem.

  1. You Forget to Change Your Address

Make sure your mail all goes to your new address. You don’t want your bank statements or your bills to go to the person who bought your home. Contact the postal system and fill out a change of address form to ensure strangers don’t get your mail.

Additionally, leave a forwarding address with your home’s next occupants just in case some documents still arrive at your old mailbox.


Use the information above to avoid these common moving mistakes. Then, you can feel confident that your relocation won’t hit any snags.

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