When Should You Choose Mobile Storage? 4 Compatible Situations

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Traditional moving trucks and vans provide essential services for many individuals, business owners, and property managers. However, traditional moving doesn’t work for everyone.

As you contemplate a move, you may wonder if you should hire movers, pack up and drive a truck yourself, or transport and protect your belongings via mobile storage.

While every situation differs, some circumstances fit the mobile storage option perfectly. In this blog, we list four common situations when you should seriously consider moving via mobile storage.

  1. Long-Distance Trips

Most moving companies can take you over great distances, whether you’re moving across state lines or across the pond. However, traditional moving usually means you pay for gas use, mileage, or both.

If you have a long-distance move coming up and want to take the opportunity to see some sights along the way, consider packing a mobile storage unit. When you use a mobile pod, you don’t have to worry about driving or keeping up with a moving truck.

You’re free to take your time, and your belongings will be secure and intact when you reach your final destination.

  1. Monitored and Restricted Moves

While many homeowners have the freedom to dictate how, when, and where they move, not all moves proceed so freely. If, for example, you need to move valuables on behalf of a loved one, you may prefer a method where he or she can track the package’s progress.

Similarly, business owners and property overseers may need to report on their progress or monitor the movement of their items for insurance or management reasons. Most mobile storage companies offer a specific timeline, which may include predicted route and delivery options.

Additionally, most storage facilities where you would store belongings until you can pick them up have camera monitoring and security systems.

  1. Short-Notice Trips

Most people would prefer to have months of planning before changing homes, but this isn’t always possible. When you get an unexpected job offer, military deployment, or housing change, you need moving options that you can access immediately.

Most mobile storage companies will bring the pod directly to you so that you can start preparing to move immediately. Once you finish loading up, you only have to worry about transporting yourself, your family members, and any pets, without the weight of every item you own.

Mobile storage can be particularly useful if you must move on short notice during the summer when traditional movers may have more reservations.

  1. Transitional Moves

Not every move can start and finish in a day. When you make a dramatic transition, you may have to stay with family or in a hotel until you can finish making arrangements. For example, if your home is still in escrow but your current lease has ended, you need a place to stay and a place to keep your possessions until you can move into your new home.

Many mobile storage companies maintain traditional storage facilities where you can keep, and even access, your belongings until you’re ready to unpack in your new home.

Some mobile storage companies even let you pay for your storage time when you finally retrieve your items. This prorated storage instead of a defined contract can be especially helpful if you don’t have definitive dates or plans yet.


If you think mobile storage can help you get where you’re going more effectively, reach out to your trusted moving company. Many companies offer additional services, such as professional packing and loading, to make this option suit your schedule, inventory, and desires even better.

If you are in one of the situations listed above or anticipating a similar move, opt for mobile storage. Make your transition simple, affordable, and more secure when you pack a pod and leav

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