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Reasons People Move and 7 Things You Should Leave Behind

It is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about your upcoming move. According to data collected by the United States Census Bureau, the average person will move approximately 11.7 times during their lifetime. For young adults, those aged between 18…

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Happy couple after moving

7 Tips to Downsize Your Items for a Smaller Living Space

You may be moving to a smaller space for one of several reasons. Your grown children may have left you with more space than you need, you may want to save money, or you may just wish to simplify your…

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Chicago Movers Share Tips

Chicago Movers Share Tips for Dealing with Moving Anxiety

Anxiety is a common side-effect of residential moving and preparing for an upcoming move. There will be changes occurring that are beyond your control, whether you are moving across town or long distance. The key to addressing your anxiety is…

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Residential Moving Tips

Six Residential Moving Tips When Moving with Pets

Preparing for a move can be a busy and stressful time, not only for you but, also, your pets. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to changes to their routine and the household and will notice when things do not…

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Properly Pack Fragile and Bulky Items

How to Properly Pack Fragile and Bulky Items Kept in a Self-Storage Unit

Packing fragile and bulky items you intend to place into a self-storage unit requires using different types of packing materials to ensure they are well protected. Before you get started, there are three things you need to know. Plan on…

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Find the Right Self Storage Unit

How to Find the Right Self-Storage Unit

If you are like most people, you probably have accumulated more belongings than will easily fit into your home or apartment, and you have items you want to keep but do not use on a regular basis, like holiday decorations.…

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Time to De-Clutter

Three Warning Signs It’s Time to De-Clutter

Dictionary.com defines de-cluttering as such: “To remove mess or clutter from (a place).” Yet, how do you know when it’s time to actually start decluttering? Sure, making a long-distance move is always a good time to start, as is the springtime with a good spring cleaning, but…

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Tips on What You Need to Store and What You Need to Throw Away

Moving into a smaller home often means downsizing, but it can be difficult to identify what to keep in storage and what to get rid of. However, doing this is necessary before you move, because, otherwise, these items will take…

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Time-Saving Moving Tips

Three Tips to Saving Time on Your Next Move

When it comes to making a residential move, it seems no matter how much time we think we have, there never seems to be enough of it. Whether its sheer procrastination on your part or the multitude of details involved…

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Is a Professional Mover More Expensive than Moving Yourself?

Moving can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Not only that, but it also costs money, whether you need to spend on a moving truck or decide to hire movers. Many homeowners think that moving on their own will cost…

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