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piano moving

Piano Moving and Storage: The Dos and Don’ts

Whether you want to move your piano to a new room within your current home or across town to a new home or you need to put it into storage for a short period of time, there are several dos…

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Friendly Moving and Storage Company Services

Benefits of Hiring a Moving and Storage Company

Moving is not something we look forward to doing, even though most of us move several times throughout our lives. It requires careful planning that begins several months well in advance of the actual moving day. The required preparations for…

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Piano Moving Company

Reasons Why You Should Use a Piano Moving Company to Move a Piano

There are several reasons why you should never attempt to move a piano as a DIY-type move and why it is better to hire a professional Chicago piano moving company. The main thing to remember is that your piano is…

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Moving a Piano Without Damaging

Moving a Piano Without Damaging Anything in Your Home

Whether you want to move your piano to another location within your home or as part of another move, it is essential to remember that this is not just another big piece of furniture. Pianos have foot pedals, wiring, and…

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Residential Moving Tips: Creating a Moving Timeline

Creating a moving timeline can be rather beneficial to help ensure you stay on track and on top of your upcoming move. It can seem like there can be endless tasks to get done, like hiring a residential moving and…

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Moving with Children

Residential Moving Tips: Moving with Children

The prospect of moving with children can be hard for them because there will be major changes to their lives. They may be moving away from their friends or have to start a new school. These changes can create added…

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Dimly lit storage unit

Commonly Asked Questions About Storage Options

When you are shopping around for storage units and storage solutions, it is not uncommon to have many questions about your options. Here at Midway Moving & Storage, our Chicago movers and storage experts answer some of the most frequently…

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Move and Store Your Furniture

Five Tips to Move and Store Your Furniture

We all have different pieces of furniture that we simply cannot part with, for one reason or another. It could be a family heirloom piece passed down from one generation to the next. You might have an extra-large living room…

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Residential Mover

Seven Signs You Need a Storage Unit

There are telltale signs that you could benefit from a storage unit to increase the amount of available storage you have. In some cases, it is not just a matter of the growing number of boxes and other items in…

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Furniture dolly loading boxes

Reasons People Move and 7 Things You Should Leave Behind

It is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about your upcoming move. According to data collected by the United States Census Bureau, the average person will move approximately 11.7 times during their lifetime. For young adults, those aged between 18…

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