5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Moving Services

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When you hire a moving company, you can eliminate any worry about loading and unloading heavy boxes. Instead, you can rest at ease knowing professionals are moving your personal items for you.

Although hiring a moving company will likely minimize stress, you still need to prepare for moving day. Like most things in life, you can reduce stress by preparing beforehand.

If you are hiring a moving company, here are some ways you can prepare your home for moving services.

1. Request a List of What Items Cannot Be Moved

Most moving companies will have a few items that they will not move because of safety or legal concerns. Restricted items may include hazardous materials, such as car batteries, propane tanks, or motor oils. Additionally, some companies won’t move certain plants.

Before you start to pack, request a list of restricted items from your moving company. Once you know which items you cannot move, consider giving these items away to a neighbor or friend. 2. Organize Items

Next, organize items into these two categories: what items you want the moving company to move and what items you will move on your own. Some items you may want to move yourself include the following:


Clothing that you will need throughout the moving process

Electronics, such as your phone or laptop


Restricted items

After you have all the items sorted, mark the boxes accordingly to avoid confusion. You may even want to keep the items you plan to move in a separate area of your home. Then, create a list of all of your items as an inventory for future reference. Organize the list into what items you plan to move and items you want the moving company to move.

You may also decide to avoid the packing process altogether and hire the moving company to do the packing for you.

3. Mark Moving Boxes

If you decide to pack all of your belongings, mark each box the same way. You may prefer to mark the boxes by listing everything in the box or distinguishing which rooms the items came from. For example, you might keep all items from your master bathroom together and mark each box as ‘master bedroom.’ Items that will be switching rooms should also be marked accordingly.

If you plan to have movers help you pack, you can still mark the boxes beforehand. When you mark boxes, use a thick, dark marker rather than a pen to ensure the writing is dark enough to read.

You should also make appropriate marks on moving boxes with fragile items inside. Movers can then use extra caution with these items to prevent your valuable possessions from being damaged.

4. Prepare Appliances

If your moving company provides moving services for large appliances, prepare these appliances beforehand. Unplug each appliance and remove any loose items from the insides. Smaller appliances should also be unplugged prior to moving day. You may also need to remove batteries from certain appliances.

If an appliance has cords besides the power cords, unplug them as well. For instance, your television may have cords connecting to stereo systems, game consoles, or disc players. If you’re worried about reconnecting these television cords at your new home, take a picture before you unplug the cords.

5. Clear Your Schedule for Moving Day

One of the most important ways you can prepare for moving services is by deliberately scheduling moving day on a date without any conflicts.

Make sure you are available and present on moving day. Movers may have questions about directions or possessions that only you can answer. Make yourself available to movers throughout the duration of the move.

Use these tips to prepare for your moving services effectively. When you prepare in advance, you can approach moving day stress-free. If you want to schedule moving services or have further questions on how to prepare, feel free to contact Midway Moving for assistance.

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